Bolt for Blessings in a Backpack The Waukesha County Bolt 4 Blessings is a fun, virtual physical fitness 4K challenge the whole team can enjoy. On your mark, get set…GO! Participate anytime between May 15-25. Learn More & Register Mother's Day Gift Opportunity During May, donate $25 or more in honor of an important woman in your life, Mother's Day Gift Opportunity and we will gift her an ALEX AND ANI bangle. Get started Waukesha Chapter Video Some people think the most important school supplies come in colorful boxes. Who Will Feed The Kids in Waukesha County? Some kids have a different idea. Watch Our Video Kids holding up bags of food It is estimated that there are now 15,000 kids 17 and under in our community who started school this year not knowing where Be a Classroom Champion! their next meal is coming from. Become a Classroom Champion and to help these children have food to eat on the weekends! Learn More Photo of girls picking up food bags At Blessings in a Backpack, we often ask, "Who will feed the kids this weekend?" But the COVID-19 emergency has caused us Who will feed the kids when schools are closed? to expand our programs from feeding kids on only the weekends, to now serving kids while schools are closed. Blessings' Response to COVID-19 Picture of smiling kids Founded in 2012 with one school and 25 students, the Waukesha County Chapter is now Who Will Feed the Kids This Weekend? feeding 1,700 kids every weekend of the school year. Learn About Our Chapter Photo of Waukesha Volunteers Consider the following ways to get involved with Blessings in a Backpack and Local Give Back Opportunities support the Waukesha County Chapter. Get Involved Photo of Waukesha Volunteers With the help of amazing partners, we were able to feed more children than ever before Our Impact During the 19/20 School Year AND help kids while schools were closed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read Our Impact Report
We're feeding the kids in Waukesha County this weekend!

Our Impact During the 2019/20 School Year

Hunger-free weekends
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Why Get Involved?

How To Help?

For $130 you can help us feed a child every weekend of the school year.
Organize a Facebook fundraiser to feed the kids in your community.
Volunteer your time or talent to support a local Blessings program.
Follow us on social media and subscribe to our quarterly e-newsletter.

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