Bolt 4 Blessings 4K Challenge

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Start time May 15, 2021
Finished Time May 25, 2021
Address Virtual Challenge

On your mark, get set…GO! The Waukesha County Bolt 4 Blessings 4K Challenge is a fun, virtual physical fitness challenge the whole team can enjoy. Just count your steps—miles on a treadmill, your walk-the-dog hike, running, walking, or whatever gets you MOVING!

This virtual event is scheduled for a 10-day timeframe from May 15 through May 25 to give everyone ample time to complete their unique version of a 4K. We have an easy-peasy website for registration and uploading your selfies, photos, videos to share with other participants and sponsors. Our social media team will share some of these on our Facebook page so the whole community can cheer you along!

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